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This story begins in 2014 on a shopping trip at Ala Moana Mall in Honolulu, HI near where we lived.  My wife asked me to pick up some soap from a leading soap and fragrance chain store. Yes, she usually shops herself.  I was intrigued with reading the labels of these soap products. Amazed that the soaps contained many carcinogens (A substance capable of causing cancer in living tissues).  I began label reading other skincare products to learn that many brand-named soap, skincare and cosmetics contained carcinogens.

In a plan to do it better, I began researching oils and soap manufacturing. My goal was to create an organic and vegan soap that was moisturizing for our skin.  Two and a half years of recipe practice using organic and vegan cold pressed and unrefined ingredients we had a soap and shampoo bar that in April 2016 was made available on the website and Down to Earth organic and natural stores on Oahu.   We also made available the 100% Moroccan argan oil which is COLD PRESSED AND UNREFINED. A teaching moment, expeller pressed kills the properties in the oil.

Other products are now available including Lip Gloss, Healing Butter, infused argan oil with essential oil.

We relocated to Florida in 2021.  Thank you for visiting our website! We have many success stories of skin issues disappearing with Ren Sunn products.

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Do you know that what you put on your skin goes directly into your blood stream 

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Bringing Nature's Goodness To Your Skin

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